How To Have Fun In Elevators!

Have you ever been stuck in an elevator for a long, boring period of time? If you ever get stuck in that situation again or for the first time, here are a few activities that may make your elevator experience a bit more worth while!
Caution! Some of these (most of these) will include self embarrasment, but then again, that will help you have fun! But if you are looking at this and you are not prepared to embarrass yourself infront of a stranger in an elevator, you may aswell not read the below.

1) If there is someone else in the elevator with you, go up close to them and just stare at them and don't look away. Just stare. Sooner or later they will look at you like your crazy or say something to you along the lines of 'May I help you?' or 'Can you stop staring at me? what do you want?' and then you say, with the biggest smile on your face, 'I've got new socks on!'. By this time you will have made a fool of yourself and the person next to you will be thinking you have brain damage, but when I did this, I sure was satisfied!

2) Normally, in elevators, there is music playing, if there is, start humming as loudly as you can- even if you don't know the song! Just hum a really, really loud tune! OR/AND you can start to dance! Go crazy, showing off your mad dancing skills! Hopping, twisting, jumping, turning, spinning, doing the splits, jumping jacks, hand jive- YOU NAME IT! Do whatever to make yourself satisfied and the person/people sharing the elevator with you scared and thinking you're crazy!

3) If there is someone else in the elevator, go up close to them and keep on poking them. Just keep on poking until they finally say 'WHAT?!' and then raise your eyebrow and say 'Well, I was going to tell you something extremely secret and amazing but seen as you just shouted at me I don't think I will!' and pause for a while.... 'Okay, okay! stop nagging! I'll tell you! But you have to swear to tell noone atall! Okay (take deap breath) BATMAN CAME TO MY HOUSE!' if they try to talk back to you just keep on saying 'I'M NOT LYING! HE REALLY DID COME!' keep on repeating that until they shut up.

4) Case numer 1: Go up to someone in the elevator and and say 'KNOCK KNOCK! INTERRUPTING COW!' If they try to say something, interrupt immediatly and shout 'MOO!', whenever they try to say anything shout 'MOO!'
Case number 2: Go up to someone in the elevator and say 'KNOCK KNOCK!' and they might say (or they might not say anything, if this happens, you best look at 'Case number 1' at the top) 'Who's there?' you say 'INTERRUPTING COW!' if they try to say something, interrup immediatly and shout 'MOO!', whenever they try to say anything shout 'MOO!'

 If anyone out there knows anymore embarrasing ways to have fun in an elevator that you wouldn't mind me publishing up on here, please let me know, and I will edit it onto here, putting your name, age and gender by it, on my next edit day.